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I want to print integer, floating point integer, character, and string variables. How should I display them in C?

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To print any variable in C, you need to provide the format specifier with the printf() function. Without format specifiers, the printf() function will not display anything.

A format specifier tells the C compiler the type of data the variable is storing and it starts with a percentage sign (%), followed by a character.

Format specifiers for integer, float, character, and string are as follows:

%c: a single character

%s: a string

%d: a decimal integer

%f: a floating point number

Here is an example to show the use of format specifiers:

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {

  int n = 125;              // Integer 

  float f = 15.24;          // Floating point number

  char c = 'A';             // Character

  char name[] = "Airplane"; // String


  // Print variables

  printf("%d\n", n);

  printf("%f\n", f);

  printf("%c\n", c);

  printf("%s\n", name);

  return 0;


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