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I am using 'biblatex' package with 'style=ieee' to print PhD thesis, but it does not print anything.

Here is the Latex code I am using:


\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography},title={PhD Dissertation},type=phdthesis]

and the following code is in '.bib' file:


  author  = "Kat Lat Tat",

  title   = "Alpha Beta Gamma",

  school  = "The University of Aliens",

  address = "Mars",

  year    = 2022,

  month   = Dec


It does not give any error or warning message. How can I get PhD thesis displayed in the pdf file?

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You need to use "type=thesis" instead of "type=phdthesis" in \printbibliography and it should then work.

Here is the modified version of \printbibliography:

\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography},title={PhD Dissertation},type=thesis]