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All posts on my WordPress site show "Site Title" or "Site Name" in the title. I want to remove "Site Title" from every post. Only the homepage should have "Site Title". How can I do it? I am using Rank Math. Is there any option in Rank Math?

For example,

my site name is "XYZWebpage," and the post title is "How to cook good food?" . Then the post title becomes "How to cook good food? - XYZWebpage". I want only "How to cook good food?" in the post title.

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It is very simple to accomplish it with the help of Rank Math SEO.

Here are the steps:

  • On the Admin page, click on "Rank Math SEO," which is present on the left menu.
  • On the "Rank Math SEO" menu, click the link to "Titles and Meta".
  • On the "Global Meta" page, click on Posts under "Post Types:".
  • The textbox for "Single Post Title" should have the following:
%title% %sep% %sitename%
Replace it with
This way, your "Site Title"  or "Site Name" will not appear in the post title.