[Ans] Which of these movies starred Kevin Bacon

Question: Which of these movies starred Kevin Bacon?

The correct answers to questions 1-10 are as follows:

  1. National Lampoon’s Animal House
  2. Murder in the First
  3. The River Wild
  4. The Air Up There
  5. JFK
  6. Crazy, Stupid, Love
  7. Wild Things
  8. Balto
  9. Tremors
  10. My Dog Skip

Correct answers sorted in alphabetical order are as follows:

  • Balto
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love
  • JFK
  • Murder in the First
  • My Dog Skip
  • National Lampoon’s Animal House
  • The Air Up There
  • The River Wild
  • Tremors
  • Wild Things

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