[Answer] Which of these public figures is/was an astrologer

Today [12/08/2021], Microsoft Rewards has a Lightspeed quiz comprising four questions on the Bing homepage. Unlike some other quizzes, the wrong answer will not earn any point. So, choose only the correct option to earn 10 points. For each question, I found two sets of choices. If you find a new set of choices, please write them in the comment box.

Question 2: Which of these public figures is/was an astrologer?

The given options are:

Set 1

  1. Amy Freeze
  2. Soleil Moon Frye
  3. Tali and Ophira Edut
  4. Dina Eastwood

The correct answer is: Tali and Ophira Edut


Set 2

  1. Ricki Lake
  2. Dina Eastwood
  3. Susan Millier
  4. Soleil Moon Frye

The correct answer is: Susan Millier

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