[Fix] Bing homepage quiz [12-04-2021] “Show what you know” does not trigger completion

Today, “Show what you know” of the Bing homepage quiz does not show “completed” even after answering all 3 questions. There seem to be some glitches on the Bing side. Even after trying different browsers, I faced the same problem, and it did not add 10 points to my account.

Here are the steps that I tried. It worked for me, and I got 10 points. Now it shows that the quiz is completed.

  1. Instead of clicking on the “Show what you know” link, open the following link in your browser: https://www.bing.com/search?q=cheetah&form=hpcapt&filters=HpDate:%2220211204_0800%22
  2. Below the “Cheetah mother and cub” description, click on “Take the quiz“. It will take you to today’s quiz.
  3. Complete the quiz, and you will get 10 points.

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