[US] Microsoft Bing News Quiz (12/16/2022)

Post questions and answers from the Bing News and Entertainment News Quiz
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[US] Microsoft Bing News Quiz (12/16/2022)

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Q1: Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested on fraud charges. Which cryptocurrency company did he found?
Ans: FTX

Q2: Elon Musk received cheers and jeers after a surprise onstage appearance with...
Ans: Dave Chappelle

Q3: Which food item is flying off shelves in China after (inaccurate) internet rumors that it's a COVID remedy?
Ans: Canned peaches

Q4: The governor of which state commuted the sentences of 17 death row inmates?
Ans: Oregon

Q5: After winning season 43, 'Survivor' champ Mike Gabler pledged to donate his $1M prize to help...
Ans: Veterans

Q6: Speaking of reality TV, which competition show did 22-year-old Bryce Leatherwood win this week?
Ans: The Voice

Q7: An Arizona driver was cited after driving in an HOV lane with which kind of fake passenger?
Ans: Inflatable Grinch

Q8: US scientists announced that they've made a milestone advance in the field of...
Ans: Fusion energy

Q9: Ph.D. student Rishi Rajpopat solved a 2,500-year-old problem involving which ancient language?
Ans: Sanskrit

Q10: Which hockey superstar recently became only the third NHL player to score 800 goals in his career?
Ans: Alex Ovechkin
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