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I want to install SAR on my VPS to keep an eye on the server load. I tried "yum install sar", but it did not work. What is the package name for SAR?

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To install SAR on your VPS, run the following command as root.

yum install sysstat

After the installation, you can check the SAR version using the following command:

# sar -V
sysstat version 10.1.5
(C) Sebastien Godard (sysstat <at> orange.fr)

To see the CPU, memory, IO load using SAR, you need to wait for some time before running the SAR command with different options.

Type "sar -h" on the command line to see all available options.

# sar -h
Usage: sar [ options ] [ <interval> [ <count> ] ]
Main options and reports:
    -b    I/O and transfer rate statistics
    -B    Paging statistics
    -d    Block device statistics
    -F [ MOUNT ]
        Filesystems statistics
    -H    Hugepages utilization statistics
    -I { <int> | SUM | ALL | XALL }
        Interrupts statistics
    -m { <keyword> [,...] | ALL }
        Power management statistics
        Keywords are:
        CPU    CPU instantaneous clock frequency
        FAN    Fans speed
        FREQ    CPU average clock frequency
        IN    Voltage inputs
        TEMP    Devices temperature
        USB    USB devices plugged into the system
    -n { <keyword> [,...] | ALL }
        Network statistics
        Keywords are:
        DEV    Network interfaces
        EDEV    Network interfaces (errors)
        NFS    NFS client
        NFSD    NFS server
        SOCK    Sockets    (v4)
        IP    IP traffic    (v4)
        EIP    IP traffic    (v4) (errors)
        ICMP    ICMP traffic    (v4)
        EICMP    ICMP traffic    (v4) (errors)
        TCP    TCP traffic    (v4)
        ETCP    TCP traffic    (v4) (errors)
        UDP    UDP traffic    (v4)
        SOCK6    Sockets    (v6)
        IP6    IP traffic    (v6)
        EIP6    IP traffic    (v6) (errors)
        ICMP6    ICMP traffic    (v6)
        EICMP6    ICMP traffic    (v6) (errors)
        UDP6    UDP traffic    (v6)
    -q    Queue length and load average statistics
    -r    Memory utilization statistics
    -R    Memory statistics
    -S    Swap space utilization statistics
    -u [ ALL ]
        CPU utilization statistics
    -v    Kernel table statistics
    -w    Task creation and system switching statistics
    -W    Swapping statistics
    -y    TTY device statistics

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