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In a string, I want to replace a substring with another substring. What PHP function should I use?



"Hello World, how are you!!"


"Hello India, how are you!!"

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You can use either str_replace() or str_ireplace() function to replace some characters with some other characters in a string. str_replace() performs a case-sensitive search whereas str_ireplace() does case-insensitive search.

The syntax of the function is:

str_replace(old_substring, new_substring, original_string)

Here is an example:

$str = "Hello World, how are you!!";
echo $str;
echo "\n";
//case sensitive
echo str_replace("World", "India", $str);
echo "\n";
// case-insensitive
echo str_ireplace("world", "India", $str);
echo "\n";

The above code will return the following output:

Hello World, how are you!!
Hello India, how are you!!
Hello India, how are you!!