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I added a new website to Google Analytics as a new property. It was added without any issue, but I do not see the third column "View" in the Google Analytics admin panel. For my old websites, I can see the column "View". How can I see that column?

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By default, Google Analytics now creates a property for web and app. I think it's the default in GA4. When a property is created for web+app, you will not see the column "View" in the GA admin panel.

Use a web property to put GA code on the website. If you want to use GA code for a web app, android, ios or unity app, and website, you need to use the app+web property.

To create the web-only property, do the following:

  • Go to Create property -> Property setup -> Show advanced options.
  • Once you click "Show advanced options", you will find "Create a Universal Analytics property" disabled. Please enable it.
  • Enter the URL of your website in the textbox and select "Create a Universal Analytics property only."
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