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I want to select "k" uniformly distributed numbers between two numbers n1 and n2. What Python function should I use?

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You can use Numpy's uniform() function to draw samples from the parameterized uniform distribution. Using parameters low, high, and size, you can specify the samples' lower boundary, upper boundary, and size, respectively.

Here is an example to select 10 uniformly distributed samples between 4 and 10.

>>> import numpy as np
>>> rnd=np.random.default_rng()
>>> rnd.uniform(low=4, high=10, size=10)
array([7.82391248, 4.56017423, 9.31976651, 4.04291941, 8.28304775,
       5.7652216 , 7.87284321, 4.79759185, 4.04867037, 8.36414237])