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I want to delete all keys from a dictionary whose value is 0. Is there any Pythonic way or function for it?


aa= {'a': 0, 'b':1, 'c':0, 'd':2}


aa= {'b':1, 'd':2}

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You can use dictionary comprehension to remove all keys from the dictionary whose value is 0. You need to go thru each (key, value) pair and discard keys with value =0.

Here is an example:

>>> aa= {'a': 0, 'b':1, 'c':0, 'd':2}
>>> aa
{'a': 0, 'b': 1, 'c': 0, 'd': 2}
>>> aa={k:v for k, v in aa.items() if v!=0}
>>> aa
{'b': 1, 'd': 2}