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I really like the "Neve" WordPress theme. However, I am facing an issue with Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) on Google PageSpeed Insights. On mobile, CLS is 0, but on desktop, it is 0.125.

I have enabled the sidebar for the desktop and disabled it for mobile. I tested by removing all ads, but nothing worked.

How can I bring CLS to <0.1?

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Since you are getting CLS=0 on the mobile where you have disabled the sidebar, the issue seems to be related to the sidebar. The sidebar is causing unexpected layout shifts.

I did the following two things, and it worked for me. Although I do not get CLS=0, it is well within the range (CLS=0.025), and I am now getting a perfect score (100) for desktop, even with 2-3 ads on my page.

  1. Move the sidebar from right to left, i.e., first sidebar and then content.
  2. If you have ads on the sidebar, DO NOT use ad-format "auto." Change ad-format to some shape (e.g. data-ad-format="rectangle")
I know some people like the right sidebar. If you are one of them, you need to get support from the Neve theme team.

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