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I am trying to load data to Neo4J from a CSV file, but it's giving the following error:


Couldn't load the external resource at: file:/home/****/.config/Neo4j%20Desktop/Application/relate-data/dbmss/dbms-22eaf7d5-07f3-4442-bc06-3d192e14e74c/import/cnodes.tsv

How to fix this error?

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Due to security reasons, Neo4J usually wants the input file inside the "import" folder of the active database. If the input file is external, it will throw the error.

To fix the error, move/copy your "cnodes.tsv" to the "import" folder of the active database. Here are steps to find the path to the "import" folder of the active database.

  • On the Neo4J desktop, in the top right corner, you will find the 3 dots (...). Click on that. It will show you a small pop-up window. In that window, click on the terminal.
Neo4J settings
  • On the Neo4J terminal, use the pwd command to get the path to the active database.
  • Go to the folder you got using the pwd command. You will find the "import" folder there. Copy/move your TSV file to the "import" folder.
Once the input file is in the "import" folder, you will not get the error.

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